Social Events for Aviation Maintenance Technicians

AMT Socials is your source for meetings, contest, socials, trainings, parties, etc for all those who work in aviation maintenance.  We are planning events across the United States to bring AMTs together to share a good time, hear from others what is happening in the area, and to meet other like minded individuals and maybe even your next career advancement and. All events hosted by us are free to AMTs. AMTSocials is not a headhunter, recruiter, or sales site or related to a specific MRO (although they may be an event sponsor). We will keep you informed, but not nag, try to sell you something, or spam you. Your privacy is secure with us. We never, ever, will share your personal information. Period.

Who is AMT Socials? is operated by folks who are passionate about aviation maintenance. Leading the team is Sean Gallagan who has managed two Part 147 AMTSs and continues to help schools, students, and AMTs in their endeavors.  Along side is AMT Stephen Gallagan who currently works in the aviation maintenance industry and manages many of the events in different parts of the United States.  Along with Sean and Stephen are a myriad of other AMTs who volunteer to make sure that each event is spectacular. Interested in being part of the team, contact us! 

Who pays AMT Socials expenses?

Not you! Operating a website, hosting events, marketing, cost a LOT of money.  Fortunately, we have sponsors who foot the bill. Most events will have a sponsor or two who want to be recognized as a supporter of AMTs. They may also sponsor an email or posting as well, but your personal info is never divulged to them. 

Social Schedule

We are currently planning events in the following cities (if you know a location in one of these areas, please let us know):
Fort Lauderdale
Fort Worth
Taking suggestions! If we can get 100+ AMTs to attend, we will work on your location. 

What does a typical event look like?

We typically find a place that can accommodate the group in at least a semi-private space a place for us to chill, talk, eat, and drink.  Events typically are on Thursday and start at 6pm. For those AMTs that pre-register, will get an extra drink ticket. Those AMTs not pre-registered, will register at the door and get their drink ticket with registration confirmation.  Show your AMT credentials, get another drink ticket. Members of AWAM, PAMA, ATEC, get another drink ticket. Yeah, we like to give away drink tickets! Non AMTs are welcome, but you will need to find a buddy for a drink ticket. Also, each AMT will get a raffle ticket as well for cash cards, tools, and swag. The official event runs for about an hour. Will have random announcements and raffle drawings during that time. Everyone is always encouraged to hang out afterwards and continue to let the good times roll.